Property Investment

There is little doubt that the most favorable investment for your assets is in real estate, due to its momentous increase in value with time. Securing and investing in properties has proven over the years to be one of the only few surefire ways to amass wealth in long term. Unfortunately, investing in properties in Coventry or anywhere else for that matter, requires a ridiculous amount of research, experience and extensive knowledge of the technicalities involved to make the choice that will bring positive turnover. The only choice that is certain to offer significant income is to make use of property investment services like 1st Sales and Letting.

Using 1st Sales and Letting would mean that you can take advantage of almost two decades of experience in property investment. Also, with our database of properties in and around Coventry, we have gathered real-time data concerning the technicalities involved in the property market over the years, which includes prices, taxes, rentals etc. all of which will be made accessible for you.

1st Sales and Letting are geared towards exposing the property market to you, making it easier for you to identify the perfect investment opportunities and enhance the capital growth potential of our clients using an unbeatable range of modern specialist investment support services. No one knows more about properties in Coventry more than we do, so leave it to us to help you make the best decision for any property type; whether Industrial, commercial or residential.

1st Lettings and Sales provide the following services:

For exclusive clients – intelligence on existing portfolios, investment assessment, procurements and clearances for investment, income and pension.

For property companies and institutional investors – portfolio evaluation and guidance, in-depth valuation of individual assets and strategy design for maximum profits.